Sunday, 31 May 2020

Summer Term Week 6

Weekly Maths Tasks 

Please click on the link below to access this week's daily maths activities. This week is revision of multiplying and dividing fractions and finding fractions of amounts:  

Lesson 1 worksheet
Lesson 1 answer sheet
Lesson 2 worksheet
Lesson 2 answer sheet
Lesson 3 worksheet
Lesson 3 answer sheet
Lesson 4 worksheet
Lesson 4 answer sheet

Friday challenge - have a go at the main challenge on this page, or, if you prefer, click on one of the links on the left hand side of the page; all challenges are fraction related.
Maths challenges

Further Friday challenges for those who want them -
Bitesize challenges

Don't forget these!
TT Rockstars 
Hit the Button

Weekly English Tasks (plus daily reading)  

Writing Task  Your TWO WEEK unit of work
My spy name would Dirk Moonraker; I'm wondering what yours would be! Good luck!

Spellings: Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings
Using the spelling sheet handed out in your home pack (or find it here Statutory words Years 5/6), choose 10 that you find tricky and practise them (pyramid words; words within words; picture words; mnemonics; rainbow words etc.). 
Next write them in complex sentences - remember that these must have two clauses, a main clause and a subordinate clause in any order and they must be properly punctuated.
CHALLENGE: use each of your ten words in a meaningful sentence - correctly spelled and punctuated of course!
If you prefer to work on some of the Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings, please do so (Statutory words Years 3/4).

Weekly Wider Curriculum Tasks

Read, the information, then complete TWO of these THREE activities:
1. Share your understanding of ‘Danegeld’ in an illustrated paragraph.
2. Draw your own storyboard to show the life of Edward the Confessor (Edward 1st), annotated with information written in your own words.
(Remember, each storyboard frame should be fully illustrated and shaded)
3. Have you heard of 'Stamford Bridge', or have you visited there? Where is it and what can you find out about this key battle in British history?

Science -
The final aspect of our learning about animals including humans is regarding how nutrients and water are transported in our bodies. Go through this PowerPoint carefully:
Transporting nutrients
Now, copy and complete the sheet below. Check your answers by looking back on the ppt. 
Next show your understanding of how nutrients and water are transported around the body - include your earlier learning about the circulatory system and your new learning today - in a format of your choice, for example a poster, an explanation, a well labelled diagram. Remember that all scientific drawings should be clearly labelled, again using scientific terminology.

DT - Four week project
We are going to embark upon a DT project; if you think back to our Mongolian Yurt project, you will remember that this involves several stages: research and designing, testing, building, evaluating and improving. First of all think about what you would like to construct. Following on from the earlier Forest Schools project, you could design and build a home for an animal or group of animals - check out Samantha and Jessica's post for inspiration! Or you might like to link this to the RE work below and design and build a new church for your area, something modern or futuristic. Another idea may be to make a desk tidy for all of your writing equipment or perhaps make a game. The choice is yours but you need to remember the principle of Design Technology being fixing together different materials in different ways, along with the stages listed above.

So, this week plan and design your idea, for example, if you have chosen to do the Forest Schools theme this would mean choosing your home, taking into account the size of the animal(s), its habitat, suitable materials, where you plan to install it. Whatever your choice, your plan should be annotated with the materials you intend to use and how you plan to fix them together. I am looking forward to seeing your ideas as I know how inventive you all are!

If you do not feel you have the tools or materials to actually build your project, you can still design it this week, as all this needs is a pencil, some paper and your super ideas.

RE - Christianity
Over the next few weeks, we would like you to research Christianity in your area. There are three churches in the village of Carlton alone which follow the Christian faith as well as churches in surrounding villages not to mention the wonderful Selby Abbey just a short drive away. 

Investigate what the Christian faith represents; what its symbols are; how its followers celebrate their faith; what the buildings look like. Or, you may prefer to focus on one church that is of interest to you and learn everything you can about it by visiting it and answering the questions above. You may like to link this to your DT work and construct it! Your learning could be shared by means of a poster, a leaflet, an explanation, a PowerPoint or any other format you choose to use.
Symbols of Christianity

Picture News - 
Story: There has been a huge increase in people wanting to work in the healthcare sector recently.
Question:  Why do people choose the jobs they do?

🌟Mrs Burton's Ongoing Project - Who is your hero?🌟
Once you have completed your hero project, please send them in to share with the school community.

Thank you to those of you who are emailing some of your work and activities to me. If you haven't sent anything in yet, I would love to see what you are doing. Please email photos to:


Chloe's beach combing

Chloe and her family took advantage of the wonderful weather and went for a visit to the coast where they collected pebbles from the beach.

Chloe and Lauren decorated them after arriving home in an array of designs.

What a beautiful collection girls!

Friday, 29 May 2020

Samantha and Jessica's Forest School Project


Samantha and Jessica foraged for materials to make their Forest Schools project around Carlton Ponds.

Then they began to prepare the various construction materials using tools in a safe and supervised environment.
Once everything was cut to size in accordance with their plan, they gathered everything together and tested out their ideas until they were satisfied the best outcome would be reached.....and VOILA!
They had made a wonderful bug house for their garden. Now they need to evaluate their hard work and make close observations on a daily basis to check that their original idea was successful!

Keep us informed Jessica and Samantha - an updated photo of your bug house teaming with life would be a magnificent sight!

Well done girls - fantastic collaborative work!

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Happy Half Term!

Although it may not feel like it for many of you, it is actually the half term holiday so we will not be setting any work this week.
Here are a few suggestions of things you could do:

Carry out some random acts of kindness
1. Make your brother or sister’s bed for them.
2. Clear the table after dinner without being asked.
3. Send a letter to your grandma or granddad, or a relative you don’t see very often. Write it by hand, not on the computer!
4. Read your little brother or sister a bedtime story.
5. Pour the rest of your family a drink at mealtimes.
6.Draw your mum or dad a picture, just because you love them.
7. Try to pay someone a compliment every day – for example, you could tell them they make you laugh, or they’re a good friend, or that they’re brilliant at drawing.
8. Paint rocks with pretty pictures or positive sayings and hide them in your neighbourhood for other children to find.
9. When you go shopping with your mum or dad, choose an extra item of food to donate to a food bank.
10.Smile and say hello to people you pass when you're out exercising.
Do a jigsaw or play a board game
Keep up with TT Rockstars and Hit the Button
Find a book to read and enjoy as a family
Camp out in your garden or living room
Hold a Teddy Bear's Picnic
Help to make a meal for your family
Feel free to send photos to me of what you get up to and once the holiday is over I will have a look and post a few on the blog.
Keep safe, Mrs Whisker

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Billy's home learning

Billy has explained the different parts of the blood and their function.

He has supported this with a superb, clearly labelled diagram.


He has also written a descriptive account of a day in the life of Viking child using a diary format which is crammed full of facts. It makes very interesting and enjoyable reading. His excellent writing continues to be beautifully descriptive and illustrated for his Talk4Writing project that transports the reader and immerses them in an atmospheric woodland setting. Very well done Billy; I am suitably impressed.

Finally, when rising to the Forest Schools challenge, Billy made a hedgehog from the natural materials he found on his Barlow Common visit earlier in the week.

But Billy's busy week doesn't end there! 

He also had time for lots of other fun with his family: playing in the pool, having water fights and eating lots of ice cream whilst enjoying the sun.

A lovely mix of hard work and lots of fun Billy - well done!

Millie's home learning


Millie has completed her descriptive writing with a heart-warming account that transports the reader to a beautiful place. She has illustrated this with an inviting homely scene.

Millie worked most successfully on her fraction revision, consolidating and applying her prior knowledge. Well done Millie - we know how much you love fractions!

Millie has shared her understanding of Viking life in her diary entry, showing how hard children worked to support their family. She has also shown how Viking society was organised in her diagram. Clear work Millie!
Here we have Millie's rap to give advice on how to ensure a healthy lifestyle is followed and the benefits of making the right choices to do this.

I love the way you sneaked circulation in there Millie - this is inspirational and great to see you drawing on   your knowledge.

Millie also had some down time baking: Lemon Drizzle cake and Mint Aero Chocolate Brownie but called on even more prior learning in maths and science!

Finally, there is more temptation with BBQing smores for one of her Forest Schools activities!
Great to see you having fun alongside all of your hard work Millie!

Kieron's home learning

When Kieron and his family realised it would have been Sports Day (one of our favourite days at Carlton) on Friday, they decided to celebrate it at home - with a twist. Can you spot the traditional sports and the new ones?

Good fun was had by all and the weather was perfect for any sports day, whether it be traditional, invented or twisted! Well done everyone: keep busy and active!

Friday, 22 May 2020

Reading for pleasure

Award-winning children’s author, Katherine Rundell, has  launched The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown
You can find the book on the link below.
Completely free for all children and families, the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon, Jacqueline Wilson – and Katherine herself.
The Book of Hopes aims to comfort, inspire and encourage children during lockdown through delight, new ideas, ridiculous jokes and heroic tales. There are true accounts of cats and hares and plastic-devouring caterpillars; there are doodles and flowers; revolting poems and beautiful poems; and there are stories of space travel and new shoes and dragons.
The collection is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Samantha's hero project

Samantha has sent in Trent's first completed project, as set by Mrs Burton some weeks ago. Well done Samantha!

She has chosen Florence Nightingale as her hero/heroine and shared her research in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Please follow the link to view her hard work
Florence Nightingale

Reading for pleasure

Children being exposed to books beyond which they can read is an important part of the curriculum, so at school adults regularly read to the children.

It inspires imaginations, models how to use fluency and expression when reading, introduces new vocabulary, supports comprehension plus many, many more things.

Click the link to reveal 10 books to choose from that will be read to you and transport you to another place. 

Top 10 storytimes to enjoy Ages 7-11

Or try this reading of Chapter 1 of Kensuke's Kingdom
Kensuke's Kingdom
which you can read along to then finish the book here
Read Kensuke's Kingdom

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Chloe's completed poem

Chloe has completed her writing
task and shared her poem: 

The house of horror - Enter if you dare!

She has included alliteration, personification, rhetorical questions, onomatopoeia, along with well chosen vocabulary.

It has been beautifully presented using computer skills including a befitting eerie background. 

Well done Chloe!

Billy and Eleanor's rap

Billy and Eleanor worked together
via face time to produce a rap which
discussed the points they learned
from the Science presentation regarding
the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and
lifestyle on the way our bodies function.

The rhyming is inspirational and the rhythm
is brilliant!

Well done to you both for finding a way
to work collaboratively with such success!

Chloe's home learning


Chloe has shared her Picture News work from last week - it is amazing how many possessions we have once we start to list them! Well done for completing a challenge too Chloe!
She also work on her writing skills, using her imagination and her ever widening 

Her Viking work included trading facts for both selling and buying goods across countries.

For Science, Chloe has explained what blood transports around the circulatory system and where these products are transported to.

She has supported her explanation with a labelled diagram of the three blood vessels.

Keep working hard Chloe!

Reading for pleasure

For those of you beginning to run out of books for your children to read, or for you to read with your children, over the next few days we will be suggesting places where you can find many more. 
The emphasis will very much be on reading for pleasure.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

TT Rockstars the Battle of the Sexes

The scores are in.....
but first.....

Well done to Raphael, Samantha, Hermione, Millie, Elizabeth, Billy and Chloe who I can see have been battling over the last week. You will be receiving a Marvellous Me! 
Keep it up! 😊

Now the scores:

Trent boys 1,1475,958 Trent girls

I have set a further Battle of the the Sexes. So, boys can you muster your friends to challenge the girls! You have from 9am today until 8pm next Monday.
 Watch out for the result next Tuesday! ☺